A downloadable game for Windows

Travel in space, overcome obstacles, find the right angle and position for the constellation to take shape.

Instructions to capture the constellation:

1. Travel around and align the reference image at the bottom right with the stars in the world until you hear constellation sounds, indicating that you are close to the viewing spot.

2. Move around slowly, the constellation sounds will get louder and louder as you approach the viewing spot. Continue moving towards the louder constellation sounds.

3. Once you reach the viewing spot, the stars in the constellation will align, indicating that you are now able to take a photo of the constellation.

4. Right click to enter camera mode, then left click to take a photo of the constellation. Congratulations! You are now a professional at shooting stars.

[W-A-S-D]: move your spaceship
[Right-click]: enter/exit camera-mode
[Left-click]: shoot a photo (camera-mode only)
[Space]: advance dialogues
[Mouse]: control direction
[Esc]: quit the game

If you get stuck on a level, press H to see the correct spot from which to take the picture.


Make a Wish (Windows).zip 52 MB

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